Profile offers bespoke Market Intelligence services to help clients meet their unique talent needs in Asia.

Market Intelligence

This offering provides our clients with the market and talent insights to help them make informed business decisions.  

Our market intelligence solution utilises the full research capability of our firm in creating a market map on a specific area of the market. Our services also include analysing competitors’ organisational structure; identifying human capital trends in relevant fields, markets and industries; and benchmarking clients’ positioning and compensation against competitors.

We act as strategic advisors and partners throughout the process, and conduct local and regional research in relevant markets to offer expert analysis based on your unique needs. Our market intelligence service can form the building blocks of your future recruiting process, or can act as an independent research gathering exercise exclusive from the recruitment of staff.

We recognise that each client’s approach is different, and we will work closely with you to map out a strategy tailored to your organisation’s needs.

Practice Areas

We use our longstanding network across APAC to provide you with specialist expertise at both the sector and functional level. 

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