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Working in APAC: Key HR & Leadership Priorities for 2019

How is your firm adapting to the ever-changing work environment across APAC? What steps are you taking to ensure your organisation’s continued success throughout 2019? 

Conducted earlier this year and completed by close to 3,000 business leaders and HR professionals across APAC, our 2019 Working in APAC survey has our largest respondent group ever, and is unique in the region, diving deep into the important issues within the workplace, including mental health, leadership, and diversity. This report presents the findings of Roffey Park, The Next Step and Profile Search & Selection’s research and covers the views of employees on working life across Singapore, Hong Kong, mainland China, and Australia.

To receive a copy of the ‘Working in Asia Pacific: Key HR & Leadership Priorities’ for 2019 research report, please click here.

Working in Asia Pacific: Key HR and Leadership Priorities for 2019

Profile Search & Selection, Roffey Park, & The Next Step


October 2019