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Profile Event: ‘Family Heritage and Private Equity'



On August 20th 2017, Profile held a conference on ‘Family Heritage and Private Equity’ at Hejingfu Hotel in Beijing. The event was jointly sponsored by Chaoyang District Enterprise Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association (CDNCA) and CreditEase.​


Many delegates were invited to the event, including Ren Xueliang, the Deputy Executive Director of the Beijing Municipal Committee of CDNCA; Chen Mingjian, the Director of the Chaoyang District Enterprise Committee of CDNCA; Hou Huirong, the Deputy Director and member of the Central Liaison Committee of CDNCA; Tang Ning, the founder and CEO of CreditEase; and Hu Lemin, an assistant to the Director of Department of Financial Products and Head of Family Trust Products at CreditEase. Winni Wei, the Deputy Secretary General of the Chaoyang District Enterprise Committee of CDNCA and Director of Profile Search & Selection, chaired the conference.


Guest speakers at the conference raised several issues that CDNCA entrepreneurs were concerned about, including the global trend of asset allocation and the current situation of private equity, funds of funds at home & abroad, and family heritage.

​Ren Xueliang expressed that a sound environment is necessary for financial innovations. “By leveraging the model of funds of funds, you can put the capital into various top-level venture funds and garner long-term double-digit returns — this is our investment advice for Chinese high-net-worth individuals in the primary market of private equity.” Tang Ning also shared his advice for high-net-worth individuals in China, while Hu Lemin introduced the family trust in detail.


Ren also interpreted risk control policies for the financial technology industry, which were introduced by the central government after the National Financial Work Conference. Tang discussed the risk control mechanisms of CreditEase in relation to asset allocation, as well as how CreditEase could provide good advice for governments based on its experience over the last ten years. Referring to financial innovation, Tang also stated that CreditEase is changing society with technical innovations and creative models, stating that “Our ambition must not be confined to online lending or wealth management.” The CDNCA entrepreneurs were all greatly inspired by the speakers’ observations.


Profile 'Family Heritage and Private Equity' Conference with Chaoyang District Enterprise Committee of CDNCA and CreditEase, Beijing.





Sunday, 20th August 2017

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