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Advisory on Recruitment Scams

There has recently been a significant rise in jobs scams, often featuring fraudsters impersonating recruitment companies or consultants.

At Profile, a WilsonHCG Company, we are making every possible effort to spread awareness of the tactics employed by fraudsters, and to protect individuals and organisations from scams using our company name.



If you have received correspondence (e.g., e-mail, LinkedIn InMail, instant messaging such as WhatsApp, Telegram or WeChat, SMS) from any individual holding themselves out to be from our organisation, please be wary if any of the below warning signs are present:

Warning Sign


A purported “Profile Asia” employee requesting you to:

  • Provide personal information (e.g., phone number, e-mail address, age) and/or financial details

  • Pay a fee in order to be put forward as a candidate for a role

  • Pay money on behalf of other individuals

A purported “Profile Asia” employee guaranteeing employment or income

Online contact from a purported “Profile Asia” employee, who:

Correspondence is from, or refers to, e-mail domain addresses that are not official

  • Our official e-mail addresses end with “” or “" only

Poor spelling and / or grammar

You are not the sole recipient of the e-mail

  • The “To” field in the e-mail messages contains numerous other e-mail addresses other than your own.

  • Your confidentiality is important to us. Each of our candidate outreach emails are personalised and addressed only to the intended recipient.



There has also been a rise in cases of fraudsters cloning the sites of legitimate recruitment consultancies in an attempt to steal money and / or the personal details of job seekers and hiring managers.

To check the legitimacy of a site, we could encourage you to verify the SSL certificate. To do so, please navigate to the URL bar on the top of your browser page and click on the padlock icon that is present to the far left of the URL address (pictured below). If this is not present, this could be a sign of a scam website.


For more information on recruitment scams and how to spot them, check out the dedicated page by the National Crime Prevention Council (NCPC):

For information on who to contact if you suspect you have been targeted by a recruitment scam, please refer to the Singapore Police Force's guide:

To let us know about a potential scam using our name, please contact your local office here: